Promise Surveyors Ltd. is an Independent Superintendent Company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established in 2009.

Today, Promise Surveyors Ltd. is one of the leading Inspection Company working as successfully inspection companies in Bangladesh and enjoys solid reputation and integrity.

Promise Surveyors Ltd. Constitute a highly qualified Surveyors as recognizing the fact that to provide a generally professional and top class service, a multi-disciplinary team of professional is needed.

It maintains standard by employing experienced and qualified inspectors managed by a professional team with wide operational experience and understanding of industries requirements.

Promise staffs apply Company’s principle in order to provide the accuracy, reliability, speed and harmonization required by the fast changing international trade and ensures that the profession of inspection services in high profile and credibility it deserves. To achieve this, standards are kept high.

Promise perform Inspection Services with due care and skill and shall apply appropriate technical and professional standards to all aspects of its works. Monitoring the progress of assignment diligently, error free by implementing the latest IT in order to meet the clients expectations to their fullest satisfactions.

Promise is committed to quality through training, professional qualifications and the transfer of technical know how & information and good practice guidelines.

As far as quality system is concerned, whenever appropriate and feasible – Promise apply the principles of ISO 9000 or equivalent to its activities.

Promise performs inspection services, applying instructions of the clients with the best of knowledge and ability in an independent, honest and impartial manner and maintaining a consistent level of ethical work practices. All reports and information are kept confidentially to avoid conflicts of interests. The most important exclusive characteristic of Promise is that, in order to maintain her independence and impartiality, She never involve in any commercial or industrial activity other than inspection work. Promise recognizes the facts – Confidence is fundamental between the inspectors & their clients.

We strive for the highest degree of professionalism and integrity in order to ensure our clients fullest satisfaction. We earned respect in the market because of the simple fundamental principle of service with sincerity, honesty & integrity.